From our translators to desktop publishers, from our media managers to graphic designers, and from our copywriters to online content specialists, our staff have one thing in common - we deliver. We have managed government and corporate multicultural communications since 1998. Working efficiently and within budget, LOTE meets clients' communication, research, media and production needs.

We base our success on having:

Professional Translations

Access to over 150 nationally accredited NAATI translators.

Australia's best multicultural talent

In-house multicultural graphic design, desktop publishing and online content specialists.

Advertising Experts

Extensive cross-cultural media and advertising experience.

Best Equipment

Including an In-house audio recording & video production studio.

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what our clients think

LOTE's innovative strategies were instrumental in assisting us to determine the impact of water safety programs amongst the East Gippsland indigenous community.
Life Saving Victoria
Live Saving Victoria
Thank you all so much for all your hard work. I know you did extra-long hours, bent over backwards for us, and delivered every single time.
I kindly acknowledge your great communications work, as usual. Thanks Team.
NSW Fire Brigade
I just wanted to let you know that our health promotion team raved about the help you gave them since our initial talk and couldn't be happier with the outcomes. Thanks so much!
Dental Health Services Victoria
Dental Health Services Victoria
Thank you very much for your assistance – we can always rely on you and your fabulous team!!!
Blaze Advertising
Account Manager
Your translation services have been exceptional. Really enjoy working with your translation team.
City of Greater Dandenong
You are one of the few people to over-deliver and exceed our expectations.
Fair Work Australia
Fair Work Australia
Quality professional translating conveys the meaning of the written word whilst maintaining the integrity of the message with due consideration to written style, cultural sensitivity and target audience.

our values


Innovative thinking and flexibility of approach to our work.


To act with honour in all situations.


To the business, to our Clients and to each other.


Connecting People and Ideas to achieve innovative solutions for our Clients. Communication and openness in our internal connections.


Always dependable for our clients and always consistent in our output.

our clients